From the I-should-have-known-this Department

This morning my husband told me that our son, who is fast approaching ten, was complaining of a tooth being loose. I checked out the accused chomper which was midway back on the right side, and sure enough, it was loose. Hmmmmmmmmm, I thought to myself, I thought he was done loosing his baby teeth.

I know, having gone to med school that one would think I'd have this type of basic knowledge of the human body. However, I am pretty sure I recall this lecture, and during it I sat in the back playing my Tetris on my GameBoy. Like I always did when forced to go to lectures. Another story for another day.

Anyway, back to this morning. I called out to my husband, "Honey, "does he still have baby teeth to loose?"

"I don't think so," he responded.

So that settled that. One of our our son's adult teeth was officially loose. He recently had a palatal expander removed and the offending tooth was one to which the device was attached, so I figured it was related to that. Just to be a safe and thorough mom (patting self on back), though, I called the orthodontist and they squeezed him early this morning.

I was working in my daughter's preschool (it's a co-op, all parents must participate), so hubby took him to the appointment. As the first couple of hours ticked by, I cooked quesadillas for the children's snacks and worried about my son's teeth.

At just past ten, my husband called.

"It's a baby tooth! You can see the other one coming in behind it. Man, that orthodontist is nice. Oh, and he needs to be more diligent about his brushing and flossing."

(Our son, not the Orthodontist.)

First thought: Phew.

Second thought: How could I not know that my sweet son hadn't lost all of his baby teeth? Forget the medical school bit...how could I, his Momma, be that oblivious? When did those details start slipping out of my grasp? Away from my attention?

Have I been so wrapped up in worrying about money and moving and laundry and whatever to pay attention to the details? The beauty is in the details!!!

And I'm letting him slack on the brushing and flossing.

No longer patting myself on the back.


  1. What is a palate expander? I suspect I could have used one as I have a very narrow palate.

    Anyway - they loose their first teeth right up til they're 12 in some cases!

    I only know this because it was in the vast pile of literature we came home with from the pediatric dentist that Jay and Miss E saw a few weeks ago.

  2. Dear, it's impossible to keep up with all of the details. As long as they're safe, fed, and loved, keep on patting!

  3. I have come to the conclusion that everyone in the dental profession are NEVER satisfied with the amount of brushing and flossing one does.

    I only know that the whole shebang isn't done until the 12-year-old molars come in.

  4. It's not like you're supposed to be inside his mouth each day spelunking. I think it's perfectly reasonable not to know whether he had a baby tooth to lose way back in there.

    As for the brushing thing, I think dentists must get paid on commission for saying that!

  5. My son is eight and a half and losing his baby teeth at a snail's pace. I wasn't surprised your son still had one to lose too. I bet mine won't be done before ten either.

    I never understand why dental people are so insistent on the brushing and flossing either. Don't they want MORE business?

    Love your blog!

  6. I did the same thing when my little girl was 6. Losing her moler made her gums shred a little and it freaked me out.

  7. I feel you. Baby went to the dr. last week (I was sure it was the flu) and turns out he was getting a 2 year molar. At almost 3 years old. Sure enough, little buddy only has 16 teeth, not 20.
    Apparently I'm not as on top of those sorts of things as I thought I was.

  8. There's just WAAAY too much stuff to keep track of.

  9. If one baby tooth is the worst thing you've let slip by you, then you should be patting yourself on the back :)

  10. well, I had to stop and think about it, but I distinctly remember freaking out my 5th grade teacher with a loose molar that I could spin 180 around the side in my mouth... but that would be because I had weird teeth issues growing up so I remember these things. I'm sure I'll be clueless when it comes to my kid!

  11. My daughter has that horrific device-- a pink one for the bottom and a blue one for the top. She HATES them and tells me she hates her ortho daily. She is in a lot of pain, esp. when we have to tighten them.
    So it sounds like the tooth fairy has a mission tonight ;)

  12. Definitely shouldn't feel bad about the brushing and flossing. My mom is a dentist and I had had more cavities, root canals, etc. than any of my peers growing up!

  13. I jumped over from Fussy's. Just wanted to say Hi.

    Great Blog!


  14. I'm new to your blog, came over from Fussy's. Love your blog!

    It's hard to remember details when you have more than one child. Since I had the second one, I am slowly losing my mind also. I am just glad that my oldest will remind me of the things that I forgot to do!

  15. If it makes you feel any better, I had not one but EIGHT baby teeth hanging on forever (like, at age 13!) that no one realized. It wasn't until one abscessed (baby teeth aren't supposed to hang around for 12 years!)and the dentist realized that seven others were also baby teeth, and hindering the permanent teeth from coming in to boot. The other seven were pulled in one sitting and that's when the braces went on.

    No, you are not a bad parent!

  16. (found you at fussy pants)
    I had a similar experience with my Sissy, though I never called anyone about it. I guess that's worse. It was at bedtime so ther was nothign I could do about it then! Haven't thought about it again til now. Thin it's a sign??? I should take some action; maybe after I...


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