Seriously, these aprons ARE saucy

I love me my daily fix of Loralee...she's a loon, you know that, right?

She's got a touching post about reconnecting with an old friend that has inspired me to work on one a bit similar. That, however, is not what this brief post is about.

Her re-found friend has an etsy shop with adorable aprons. I don't pretend to be much of a cook, but I do take my turn in kitchen now and then, and when I do...well, I'd like to be wearing one of those aprons. IS THAT SO WRONG?

If you hurry over, you can be entered to win one, too. I'm not usually one to plug give-aways, but this is a special one...all friend-esque and handmade and bloggy and other things rainbow and puppyish.

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