Some things a certain group of moms at my son's school like to do during pick-up

Make off-hand comments about being an 'advocate' for their child.

There seems to be an unwritten rule that the family who has the most meetings with the principal to complain about the teaching staff WINS.

Too much homework? Meeting with principal.

Not enough homework? Meeting with principal.

Don't like who your kid sits next to in science? Meeting with principal.

Feel their child doesn't get called on enough in class? Meeting with principal.

Their child got a C on a test? Clearly they weren't properly instructed on the material in class. Meeting with principal.

Bitch about the parents who run the school's fundraisers.

Mom One, "Can you believe how many fliers come home with our kids about *insert name of school's fundraiser here* asking for help? Enough already!"

Mom Two, "Yeah, no kidding. It's not like *insert name of fundraiser volunteer here* didn't have a huge article in the newsletter last month!"

Mom One,"Pffffft."

Mom Two,"Oh, look, there she is now."

Mom One, "Speak of the devil"

Mom Two, "Crap, she's heading over."

Volunteer Mom, "Hi! How are you two doing?"

Mom One, "Great! How's the *insert name of school's fundraiser here* going?

Volunteer Mom, "It's coming along. Will you be there? I think it will be fun!"

Mom One, "We're going to try." (read: No.)

Mom Two, "I think we're out of town that weekend." (read: Hell, no.)

Volunteer Mom, "Well, that's a drag. We're hoping to make enough money to *insert name of underfunded program*. I do hope to see you there. Gotta go!"

(pause until Volunteer Mom is out of earshot)

Mom One, "She never lets up."

Mom Two, "I know. She's so pushy. No way am I helping her with this fundraiser."

Mom One, "I'm boycotting the event, too. I'm sick of them asking so much of us at this school."

Mom Two, "No kidding!"

Mom One, "Especially when they keep making cuts. Did you hear that the entire district might eliminate the music program because the state is cutting funds? I'm so over this school."

Wear babydoll tee-shirts with sparkly designs on their boobs.

Just an observation. I have a couple myself. I don't wear them anymore, but I have them. Remind me to donate them, won't you?***

Greet their kids while talking on their cell phone.

I want to bitch slap them and yell, "Get off the phone, people! Give your kid a hug and focus on them! Ask them about how their day went and interact with them for a minute or two."

But I'm not 'advocating' for my child because I know he can handle the little things...so my words would fall on deaf ears.


***edited to ad: I actually do love some of my sparkly tees...it's just that I find I am choosing NOT to wear them at pick-up so as not to be associated with the Judgmental Moms. Maybe I need to start a campaign to Take Back the Sparkles.


  1. These women seem to be of the same stock as these: "Those people who have given up on their dreams will be the first to criticize you for yours."

  2. Wonderfully put. Thanks for the great read, hopefully this will reach some who need it and it will resonate with them.

  3. I think every school must have some of these.

  4. I think this group must make the rounds to all the schools ... sounds soooo familiar! (as I look down at my chest to check ... nope, no sparklies today)

  5. Col...you're right. I have sparkly tees that I love, and honestly I can't part with some of them. I just find myself NOT wearing them because the Judgmental Moms are always sporting them.

    I think I need to edit my post...because now I sound judgmental about sparkly tees.

  6. Being a 3-year PO President of a Charter School (Translation: More freedoms with how things are run for less public money) I relate.

    Those moms? The ones who bitch about getting pushed to volunteer but don't? ARE THE SAME PEOPLE WHO BITCH ABOUT HOW "POORLY RUN AND ORGANIZED" FUNDRAISER'S ARE AND HOW THINGS AREN'T "NICE ENOUGH" AT THE SCHOOL!!!

    It MIGHT have something to do with 20% of the parents doing ALL THE FREAKING WORK, YOU SPARKLY BOOBED HAGS!

    Can you tell I have repressed anger adn frustration in this area?

  7. I love the entire post but I relate to the first part about the mom who meets with the principal the most! it is so annoying to here people act like they're more interested in their kids than I am in mine. It is so annoying!

  8. Mom's are the most cliquiest people I know and they're almost always full of it! And yes I'm a mom.

    Just thought I'd say hi-Hi!


  9. Great subject matter. Boy, do I remember those days! Were these moms those same girls from high school that I remember? Some things just never change!

  10. Those women are EVERYWHERE! They are the ones you have to ignore when helping with any school function. All talk and no action!

  11. I'm dealing with the same type of moms. They don't help out for the fundraisers, it's always the same people who do, and then they bitch that it's always the same people who take everything over. IT's nuts.This is about the kids for crying out loud, help out!

  12. I see it at Miss E's Preschool - I hate it - the clique-y-ness. I would guess Loralee is spot on, too.

  13. Did some moms just miss high school so much that they had to resurrect the same old crap as older women?

    I thought we all would have outgrown it by now...but why oh why are there so many of these women out there?

    Can't they move on? And blech. That's all.

    Not currently sparkling,

  14. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Hmmm...I'm scared now.

    Mean people who are mean are one thing, but mean people who plaster a fake smile on their faces and then are mean behind a person's back are kind of scary.

    So my lesson for when school starts for us next year is beware of sparkly t-shirts, even if I secretly have some? Got it. :)

  15. *snort* at Loralee's "sparkly boobed hags" comment.
    Let's reclaim the sparkles for the REAL rock star moms!
    Is it wrong that I have a sparkle shirt with the name of my blog in it? It was a gift!! ;-)


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