Sometimes it's a cliché for a reason (and a personal message to my mum)

When it comes to purchasing new clothes, we've all heard it before...buy the size you are, not the size you want to be.


I didn't want to go down that route. I worried that if I caved and bought a size up, I'd just outgrow that and go up yet another size. But, last week I was desperate. I had a couple of events I had to go to and I just couldn't imagine squeezing into my (fat) jeans.

So, I did it. I went out and bought a pair of jeans one two sizes up.


I'm wearing jeans that fit. There's no muffin top! They aren't stretched across my butt. They fall smoothly over my hips. I can sit down comfortably. There is loose fabric at the top of my thighs.


Best of all, I look SO much better. I look far slimmer in this larger size. I never thought I'd hit the double digits, let alone admit it...but that's where I'm at right now. Looking at myself in the mirror, I feel better about myself in these jeans than I have in ages. The best news is, when I feel better about myself I am far more motivated to push the exercise and make healthier food choices.

I'm a believer...Fight the Frump! Don't look like a sausage in your too-small jeans. Buy the size that fits you now and look forward to growing out of them, rather than buying the size you want to be and hope they will fit you better later.

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I love you and miss you and can't wait until you're out here next!!!


  1. Feels good, doesn't it? Post a picture!

  2. ha, i was doing the opposite, buying too big b/c i was scared to wear pants that fit. i finally had to get the right size b/c my pants were falling off of me.

  3. i know how you feel. i always wore a 4 or 6 in college and after i quit walking every day i ballooned! i went up and wore them too tight and also some of the pants i was wearing were about 10 years old and had been shrunk by the wash. finally I got a 10, and that motivated me to lose some weight. now, the 8s are way loose and the 6s just are a bit too tight, so you can do it with exercise! honest!

  4. Size doesn't matter, but muffin tops do.

  5. Sizes drive me nuts anyway. When I bought work pants at Jcrew I suddenly had to buy a size smaller, which felt great, but didn't translate into other pants in that size that I am hanging onto, fitting better.

    But, A good fitting pair of jeans is a treasure. But three or four of the same style!

  6. A good pair of jean can end hunger and bring on World Peace. Ok, maybe not, but they do feel good!

  7. oh, I love you! I needed someone to kick me in the butt about this...

    post a before and after photo of the two!

    xo ~ K

  8. Good denim hides a multitude of sins

  9. I appreciate this post.
    (sitting at my desk sucking in my belly wearing too tight jeans)

  10. Yep Jeans that fit, makes the world a better place.

  11. Great tip and you're right that it's hard to "suck it up" (LOL!) and get the bigger size.

    Why do I have the Valley Girl song stuck in my head?

  12. It is ABSOLUTELY about fit and NOT about size! YAY YOU! You've had a break-though! I never pay attention to size - depending on who the mfg is, I can be any of as many as three different sizes at one time - even within a size range - I am 1X in regular plus but 2x in junior plus... who cares? Right?

    Always go for fit! Bravo!


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